This week is about managing your time effectively, we feel we have so much to do and not enough hours in the day….sound familiar? One of the main things I’ve learnt about becoming a female entrepreneur is making time for myself. It’s taken me a while to realise that it’s about working smarter and not working harder and the ‘ME’ time is so important to give us time to regenerate, reflect and refocus and be more productive. I want to share an interesting conversation I had with a Buddhist Monk during my Louise Hay Coaching training in the UK in 2012. He was a lovely man and worked in the corporate world as a Life Coach for 3 months and spent the remaining 9 months of the year living as a monk in the Himalayas. It seemed the different parts of his life are worlds apart but he shared some words of wisdom with me.

Time Management 🙂

We talked about time management and this is what he said to me, ”We can either priorotise our focus or focus our prioroties.” What did he mean by this? He said most people have their to-do list for the day and when they have time they’ll meditate or have breaks and do something for themselves. In reality we know this might not happen as we get caught up in our work not wanting to lose momentum. He suggested making the time to meditate or go for a walk a priority  and plan our work around that instead of the other way round.  His words havestuck in my head and definitely helped me to manage my ‘Me Time’  better. My favourite way to start the say is a power walk down to the back, meditate for 20 mins absorbing the sea energy and a nice walk back. This gets my day off to a great start and I feel focused and energized to deal with my workload. I then slot in breaks during the day for to relax so this I feel gives me the perfect work life balance to enjoy my work while making plenty of time for  myself.

Sunrise San Pedro Beach 🙂

He also talked about the way most people have a big ‘to-do list’ which is overwhelming before you start!! He suggested making a list of 4 tasks for the day (depending on size of tasks!) and plan them the night before or in the morning before you start. This helps you to feel organised and in control and feel you’re getting things done. My favourite book on time management called ‘Eat The Frog’ by Brian Tracy and he said do the worst job first and anything after that will be easier. It always seems easier to start with the nice easy jobs.

Eat The Frog 🙂

What kind of challenges your facing with ‘Me Time?’ You have to find a way that suits you and it would be good to share some ideas and tips. I hope you have a productive week & don’t forget to have your frog for breakfast !!

Mei xx

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