Hi everyone!!

After my time in Thailand  Welsh Nomad ended up in Sri Lanka!! Joys of being a digital nomad living a location free lifestyle!! Why Sri Lanka? Well I’d been here before, in 2006 for a 2 week holiday and then a short trip with my mum for her 60th birthday (I’ll share about her backpacking adventures in another blog!!). So almost a year ago I landed in Colombo not knowing anyone or where to go. Yes, I had been to Sri Lanka before but like most people we bypasss the city and head straight to the mountains or the beaches so I didn’t know Colombo at all.

I booked a homestay for a few nights but ended up staying for 4 months!! the joys of being spontaneous and being able to work from anywhere and go with the flow!!

My peaceful place to relax 🙂

People often ask me, how do I find these places?? I usually use booking.com to find somewhere for a night or two but this time I used airbnb and the difference is that you can rent a room in someone’s house or even rent the entire place to yourself.

Great to have a kitchen to cook 🙂

As I mentioned I don’t use airbnb a lot but something drew me to Mangala’s place and I truly believe people’s paths are meant to cross.

Here is the link to Mangala’s place – https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/13404951

So a great start for Welsh Nomad in Sri Lanka and check in next time to hear about my road trip with my Mum!!

Mei (aka Welsh Nomad ) xxxx

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