Hi Everyone,
So it’s my birthday this week and Welsh Nomad is off on a train trip from Colombo to Ella!! The great thing about being a Digital Nomad is the freedom and flexibility to work whenever you want. I love travel adventures and train journeys so this will be a perfect birthday trip.

It’s also a strange day for me as on my birthday 4 years ago my husband ended our marriage….talk about bad timing as it was also the day after our 5 wedding anniversary!! That’s all I can say is that I’ve embraced the rollercoaster of emotions along the way and every year it’s got easier.

My Metaphysics work has also helped me a lot as I’ve learnt to honor and embrace all endings and sometimes change shakes us up to where we’re meant to be. I went through the different stages of grief and yes I was in denial for a while & of course the anger had to come out!! I love the work of  a Buddhist nun called Pema Chodron and she says – Painful endings are disguised as new beginnings.

I finally accepted what was happening so that’s when I took off on a 3 month trip around Asia and 3 years later I’m still on the road living life as a digital nomad!! It was the end of the marriage that made me reflect on my life and career and focus on the way forward. I then realised with the advances in technology and online platforms it was possible to turn my work around to be mostly online so that’s what I did!! This is a perfect for the Welsh Nomad as it means I get to combine my passion for travelling as well as my Metaphysics work.

Life throws curve balls at us but we have a choice how we handle them and we can stay stuck saying ‘Why me?’ or we can look at opportunities that can come out of challenging times in our lives. Yes I still feel sad sometimes but I cherish the time together and grateful for the 7 years we had together.

For now my journey continues here in Sri Lanka and look forward to sharing my trip with you during the week.

Lots of love,

Mei xx

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