This is the usual reaction to online courses as they lack the personal support and guidance which is invaluable whichever way you decide to study…right? In the past I would have been apprehensive about studying online especially spiritual courses as I like interaction with other students and get guidance from a teacher.

Most of us have been brought up with classroom teaching and face to face interaction so this is what we’re comfortable with. I’d never really thought about working or studying online until I started studying the Metaphysics Foundation Course 5 years ago. I realized how effective it was as we had an interactive forum plus teacher support by e mail…now the course has developed to include webinars to bring the topics to life and facilitate interesting discussions.  It also enables students to study from anywhere in the world and amazing how I’ve completed most of my studies from Spain, Thailand and Sri Lanka!!! I now love technology and really embraced it and loving life as a digital nomad being able to study, work with clients and teach anywhere in the world!!

I really think with a spiritual course it’s really important to create a sacred space where people feel happy and safe to share and it’s amazing to feel the energy even online. This is an important element for me as I’ve done other online courses where you read notes and submit an assignment every week but get no interaction from a tutor. This course also uses an easy to use online platform so even if you’re scared of technology its easy to get used to and you also get support if you get stuck…what more could you ask for!! :))

So why am I telling you all this??? Well the next Metaphysics Course starts on September 26th 2020 and look at what it includes……..

  • 3 individual calls with a mentor
  • Interactive forum with interesting discussions
  • Webinars every 2 weeks
  • Email support from teachers.
  • Easy to navigate online platform
  • Delivery of topic material with notes, audios and videos

Interested to know more why not get in touch for a FREE chat…it’s important to get a connection before you decide to invest time and money. If you’re ready the guidance and support is there…are you ready for the journey??

Look forward to connecting soon,

Mei xx

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