Thanks Barbara for the opportunity to be part of the February challenge – Inspiring others by our Awakening Experiences. If someone had asked me about my awakening many years ago I would have thought they were talking about waking up in the morning. My journey on my Spiritual Path has lead me to a greater understanding that it’s waking up to who I really am. Who am I? A friend, wife, sister? We have a lot of labels put on us in life and wear different masks that it’s really easy to feel lost and something’s missing from life . This awakening to me is about being me  and truly loving and approving of who I am. I know for years I suffered from low self esteem and tried hard to get approval from others which becomes very stressful. I was a people pleaser looking after others needs before my own and trying hard to be what others expect me to be.



My awakening started when I was unhappy and used to blame everyone for my unhappiness and never saw any faults in myself and I was trying so hard to change everyone. I then attended a Louise Hay workshop in Abu Dhabi and realised we can’t change people but we can change how we feel from the inside and this will be reflected in our outer experiences. After the workshop it seemed that everyone had changed but in fact it was me that had changed. I loved the power of the workshops that I flew to South Africa shortly afterwards to train as a workshop leader and am now passionate about helping others to uncover beliefs held in the unconscious mind and where we feel stuck with emotions such as anger, fear and guilt. I feel very blessed to be on this journey and for me it’s about helping others and still working on my self and very excited abut recently completing my exams as a Metaphysical Counsellor.


Of course on this journey he process of exploring beliefs is not always an easy one as we uncover events as far back as our childhood we would rather forget about. As we develop a brand new awareness we bring old feelings and hurt up to the surface and we can go through lots of mixed emotions trying to make sense of things and tempted to go back to sleep. If we work through the process we will definitely get rid of a lot of emotional baggage to feel what freedom really is.

Louise Hay5

One of my favorite parts of my journey is finding True Confidence as for years I thought it depended on external factors like how you looked, weight, relationships but now I’ve learnt that it comes from within. External factors will vary and your confidence will change depending on if you’ve gained a few pounds or an argument with your partner. When you truly love yourself from within your confidence levels will stay stable and you really will lead a much happier life. Despite recent turmoil with relationship the past year i’m embracing it all and reflecting on lessons learnt and open to what the future holds. My next plan is to travel around South East Asia as I love backpacking and meeting people….I have no plan except a return flight to Bangkok and will follow my intuition and be open to wonderful experiences….watch this space for more blogs 🙂




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