This week I want to share with you how I got into Louise Hay’s work and she inspired me to believe ‘I can do it!!’ She’s an amazing woman and looks great and recently celebrated her 90th birthday. I’m so grateful for finding her work and love sharing it worldwide as I go on my travels. So how did I get into her work?

Happy Birthday Louise 🙂

I came across her work when I was living in Abu Dhabi and attended a workshop based on her book, ‘You Can Heal Your Life.’ I was at a low point in my life and blamed everyone else for my unhappiness instead of taking responsibility for my own feelings….it was easier that way !! I also had a very low self-esteem and covered this up well with the partying lifestyle always being the life and soul of the party. I attended the workshop and loved the part that if you loved and approved of yourself exactly as you are then this was reflected back to you in your family and friends. I did some work on this and it seemed like all the people I was blaming changed overnight!! I loved the power of the workshop and decided I wanted to train as a workshop leader to share her philosophy so I booked the course immediately and flew to Johannesburg in South Africa a few months later. The training was amazing ran by the wonderful Ashika Singh ( and while I thought it was about learning to run workshops which it was, it was also doing some work on ourselves too which is really important.

Workshop Leader Training South Africa 🙂

As the saying goes we can be a master piece and a work in progress the same time. During a meditation in the training I got a strong calling that I had found my life purpose and on the right path. I use the tools learnt in the workshop like meditation, affirmations, mirror work, visualizations and gratitude everyday and love sharing it with others. I’ve run the workshops in United Arab Emirates, Oman, UK, Spain and Thailand so a great way to combine the work I love and travelling the same time.

Workshop In Spain 🙂

This is a recent workshop I ran in Oman on a stopover to Thailand !! I love travelling and it’s great I can combine my passion for this work and run workshops wherever I go. I’ll be in Thailand for the next few months running workshops and after that who knows….the world is my oyster!!

Workshop in Oman 🙂

I completed the advanced coach training in the UK later to enable me to work with people on a 1:1 if they prefer it to workshops. I’m very grateful to Louise Hay for her work as she is definitely walks the talk when she says, ‘You Can Do It.’ When you read about her life and all the abuse she suffered, leaving school with no formal qualifications and suffering from low self-esteem as a result of past events. She went on to establish Hay House and written over lots of books in different languages. She is definitely an inspiration when you have those days when you come up wth reasons why you cant do something. Who inspires you? There’s a lot of people who talk about positive thinking and the law of attraction and when we’re ready the book or workshop appears. My life has definitely changed thanks to Louise Hay’s philosophy and am so proud to share her work worldwide. Enjoy reading the blog and would love to hear your comments about who inspires you. Have a great week, Mei xx

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