Do you feel stuck in life and change isn’t possible? We often hope and wish things could be different and desperately try hard to change other people and situations which can be very stressful and impossible. What if you were to change your perspective of different situations and change your thinking or mindset towards something? There’s a saying that sticks in my mind by Wayne Dyer – When you change the way you look at things, what you look at changes.

If you’re a visual person then let’s imagine you’re watching a DVD on the TV and we sit and complain about what we’re watching without thinking of maybe changing the DVD. What would happen if we did that? We would see a different film on the screen. This shows different laws in action such as ‘Law of Cause & Effect’ with what you give out you get back. This also highlights that change begins with us

This is where we need to Reclaim Our Power and explore our own thinking and what we’re reflecting back and attracting in our lives. Imagine a magnet that’s drawing into your life what you believe about yourself, others and the world!! I used to be stuck in victim mode thinking if everyone in my life changed I would be happy!! Well it was very stressful trying to change everyone and the outside world despite years of trying.

When I learnt about the Universe and different laws and most importantly how to apply to my own life that’s when the transformation happened!! We all read about the Law of Attraction but it takes some inner work to explore our own beliefs and see some positive shifts in our lives BUT change is possible!! I love to connect with others and share experiences and help people see they’re not stuck but you need to get up and change the DVD you keep playing?

Of course the Law of Attraction can bring the good, the bad and the ugly as it’s law and impersonal so how does it show up in your life?? I’d love to hear your thoughts!!

Mei xxxx

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