Online Metaphysics Foundation Course

May 2, 2020




Name Mei Flynn Email

**Are you sick and tired of life being a struggle?
**Do you feel stuck and would like to make changes in your life?
**Are you already a Holistic Practitioner and looking to expand your skills into a unique form of holistic counselling?
**Do you like helping people and looking for a new career path?
**Are you ready and willing to do the work if I show you how and support you?

Come and join me on this amazing course and you’ll learn how to:

**Discover where you’re hooked from stories from the past.
**Find out what you’re life’s script that’s attracting situations in your life.
**Learn how to break repeated patterns.
**Understand why people push your buttons.
**Learn how to react less and respond more.
**Live a life of peace and harmony and deal with whatever life throws at you!!

**This course is NOT for you if you expect a quick fix and expect someone to wave a magic wand

**This course IS FOR YOU if you’re ready to do the work and be guided and supported

Click on the link for more information

This course is 24 weeks and will start in May and finish at the end of August with regular breaks throughout.

Please feel free to contact me on if you would like to arrange a zoom call to discuss this further to see if it’s the right course for you!!

I’m ready to work with you if you’re open and ready for this journey!!

I look forward to connecting with you,

Mei xx