Positive affirmations are great and it helps us think of things in a positive way and we can use them in different areas of our lives e.g. relationships, career, money confidence etc. People have positive results with them and manifest different things in their lives. That’s great when that happens but it can also be a frustrating process when nothing seems to shift.

Let me share with you the deeper purpose of affirmations. They can point to any resistance we have that’s stopping something from showing up in our experience. A good way to explain this is when we plant seeds in the soil (positive thoughts) we need to clear away the weeds too (limiting beliefs). When you say your affirmations e.g. Divine Intelligence guides the right client to work with me…then the little voice(resistance belief) says, ‘Everyone else is better than you,’ or ‘Others have more experience than we.’ When you identify the resistance beliefs you can then create new affirmations to work on the resistance beliefs.

So the first step in this journey is looking at what changes we would like to make in our lives and then start the process of plating seeds and plucking the weeds!! Have you had any success with positive affirmations? I’d love to hear your experiences.

Mei xxxx

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