I hope you’ve enjoyed my recent blogs travelling around South East Asia. So when did it all begin? You wouldn’t have thought that this shy little Welsh girl who grew up on a farm in Wales would have ended up travelling the world!! It all started after  i’d just turned 18 and in the summer of 1991 I was waiting for my A level results with my predicted grades to go to Cardiff University. Anyway I didn’t end up get the grades I needed so it was decision time – do I resit my exams or go to the local technology college? I ended up back at the local technology college with all the girls who dropped out of school at 16. It didn’t seem fair as I’d stayed on an extra 2 years and worked hard and ended up in the same place as these girls. I had been stubborn to not go back to see my headmaster for some advice but I did eventually and he managed to get me a place at Anglia Polytechnic University at Chelmsford in Essex. I hadn’t been to London on my own before but off I went on the train from Swansea to Paddington very excited to go on my big adventure. I arrived in London and it seemed so big and suddenly I felt scared and my first reaction was to find the next train back to Swansea . Then something stopped me in my tracks and I thought ‘I CAN DO THIS!!’ I started asking the underground staff how to get to Liverpool street as all the station names were foreign to me and I was only familiar with the names on a monopoly board!! I finally arrived at the halls of residence 3 hours later to find out that the accommodation office was closed. I found some of the girls on my course who very kindly let me sleep on their floor for the night.

Loving the nomadic lifestyle 🙂

I believe having the courage to make my way from Wales to London at the age of 18 really shaped my confidence for travelling and my itchy feet haven’t stopped ever since. Remember change starts with a single step and when you make the leap outside your comfort zone amazing things start to happen. I think sometimes we don’t have a choice and we’re pushed outside our comfort zone…scary prospect at the time but can end up being the best thing that ever happens to us. One of my favourite books on the topic of fear is by Susan Jeffers, ‘Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway.’ She talks about the only way of getting over fear of something is to do it !! I’d love to hear your experiences about stepping outside your comfort zone? Do you go for it and stay where it’s safe? I hope you enjoyed reading my blog and check in with me next Monday for some more motivation on getting rid of any negative emotions that weigh you down. I read a quote during the week by Jessica Ortner and she said we can learn a lot from trees as they shed their leaves at this time of year….getting rid of what they don’t need to make way for more good.

Have a great week,

Mei xx

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