Law Of Attraction In Action
Are you happy with your life?
Do you want to make changes but not sure how?
Is something missing but you’re not sure what?
Come and join me for this 3 hour workshop and learn 5 keys for mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing from the book ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ by Louise Hay. Learn that by become aware of thoughts that limit you and learn to accept who you are and where you are right now you can make changes and create the life you really want !!
You will learn to use different techniques such as meditaiton, visualization, mirror work, gratitiude and affirmations. We will also get creative with some colouring pencils to create your new life story.
This workshop can be used as an introduction or to the 2 day ‘Heal Your Life’ Workshop which I will be running at a later date or as a refresher to Louise Hay’s work if you’re familiar with it.
My next workshop is in Sri Lanka in February at the amazing Spa Oya resort in Koggala  /

Create Your Dream Board

Would you like to understand how the Law Of Attraction works?

Are you ready to make changes?

Do you want to have some fun learning?

Come and join me for a fun afternoon creating a dream board for all areas of your life. Learn that by the use of images and words and the process of visualization we can start to attract what we want into our life. Come and make the Law Of Attraction work for you!!

Materials provided to create your dream board but please bring some magazines if you have them.

 Heal Your Life Workshop

Join Mei Flynn, International Workshop Leader on this amazing transformational workshop based on the book by Louise Hay ‘You Can Heal Your Life’.
The workshop will look at:
*How our thoughts and beliefs shape our lives
*Awareness of negative thoughts and how to change them
*Family patterns and how they affect our lives and choices
*Healing the child within us
*Dealing with difficult emotions
*Forgiving ourselves and others
*Unlocking a new future by learning to love ourselves
*Finding a sense of purpose
* Writing a new story for our lives
If parts of your life aren’t working, if you keep finding life repeating itself or if you are just looking for ‘something more’ from life then this workshop is for you…


Introduction To Self-Awareness (2 Days)

Come and join me to increase your awareness of Metaphysical Principles and understand how the laws of life work. The workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Introduction to main principles of metaphysics
  • Understand the link between experience and beliefs
  • Understand law of cause & effect
  • How affirmations work and different levels.
  • Deeper purpose of affirmations and resistance beliefs
  • The spiritual purpose of relationships
  • Uncovering the spiritual lessons beneath emotions
  • Spiritual truths to increase awareness
  • Finding answers and direction through inner guidance
  • Discovering our life’s direction
  • Living spiritually

What do people say about the workshops?

Cannot recommend this weekend highly enough, honestly if you have any emotional problems from the past that you are carrying with you and they are getting you down, even if you are not aware how much they effect every day of your life. Be happy now! is absolutely true, it is amazing how Mei Flynn works her magic , my life is so much happier and complete since I did this weekend in the summer, just ask anyone who knows me well enough to notice the huge difference it has made 🙂 JS Spain

The whole experience was amazing and I was surprised to learn that a new journey can start from now. The workshop was at an excellent pace and nothing was forced, the flow was very natural. I enjoyed it all even though some of the exercises brought up unpleasant and unresolved issues I felt lighter and could see the way forward. It was powerful to understand where I was stuck. Thank you Mei…you are amazing and very professional!! Thank you for coming to Oman to work with us. MJ Oman

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