Affirmation of the week – Work

This month we’re going to look at work. You may be out of work, hate your job or having problems and are these thoughts familiar?

  • I hate my job
  • I don’t earn enough money
  • My boss and colleagues don’t appreciate what I do
  • I don’t know what I want to do

What’s the best way to handle this? Start by blessing your current position with love and realize it’s only a stepping stone on life’s journey. Are people not treating you the way you would like to be treated…start by looking at a pattern in your consciousness that’s attracting that behavior. Remember what we give out is what we get back! Look around and start blessing your workplace and colleagues with love instead of being stuck in negative thinking and criticizing everyone and everything.

Start to use the affirmations such as “I have a harmonious relationship with my boss and co-workers” or “Everyone appreciates what I do”


If you like your job but don’t feel like you’re getting paid enough then bless your current salary with love. Expressing gratitude is important and enables us to grow and allow for changes to happen. It’s important to do your best on a job and use affirmations that you deserve a salary increase then the Universe will lift you out to the next and better place. If you hate your job and move jobs and stuck in this negative thinking then you will probably feel the same in the next job and so on….change your thinking to attract a job you love working with great people.

Your thinking and consciousness puts you where you are so start thinking that you deserve a better job, work with great colleagues and have a salary increase and wait for the unfolding. The Universe will respond to thoughts you have so why not try some of these affirmations and don’t forget to be patient and keep doing them as changes don’t happen overnight!!


“I am open to a wonderful new job that uses all my talents and abilities that fulfills me. I work with people I love who respect me and I earn good money”


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