Affirmation Of The Week – Relationships

This week i’m going to look at relationships and how we can deal with them, whether it is a boss, co-worker, an employee, friend, lover spouse or a child. Relationships are mirrors of ourselves. What we attract always mirrors either qualities we have or beliefs we have about relationships. The things you don’t like about these people are either what you yourself door would not do, or what you believe. Take time to reflect on your primary relationships or a relationship you most want to heal. Often we treat those we love most, the worst. They don’t deserve that from you and you don’t deserve that from them. Consider learning the skills to talk about those things that make your relationship less than what it could be. What’s it worth to you to have truly loving relationships in your life? How would life be different if you felt loving and loved, and truly appreciate others and are appreciated by them? Look for a moment at someone in your life who bothers you. Describe three things about this person that you don’t like, things that you want him or her to change. Now, look deeply inside of you and ask yourself ‘where am I like that, and when do I do the same things? Close your eyes and give yourself the time to do this, then ask yourself if you ARE WILLING TO CHANGE? When you remove these patterns, habits, and beliefs from your thinking and behavior, either the other person will change or he or she will leave your life The only way to change others is to change yourself. Change your patterns, and you will find that “they” are different too. Blame is useless and gives away your power and without power, we cannot make changes. Affirmations people

If we want to attract love it comes when we least expect it. Hunting for love never brings the right partner, it only creates longing and unhappiness. Don’t rush to find love and it will happen when you feel ready. Don’t just settle just to have someone…make a list of qualities you would like. It’s important to love & accept yourself before you are ready for love, What might be keeping love away? Could it be criticism? Feelings of unworthiness or a belief that you are unlovable. Start by loving and accepting yourself and be ready for love when it arrives!! “All my relationships are harmonious” The workshops I run can be used in all aspects of life so why not check out my website to check out workshops I;m running or maybe you prefer  1:1 coaching session. I would also like it if you join my meet up group Abundant Life

Have a great week  and look at your relationships with people !!

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