Affirmation of the week – Mirror Work

This week we’re going to look at mirror work and this is one of the techniques that Louise Hay used so she could get to a point where she really did love and accept herself. Just look in the mirror and tell yourself ‘I love and accept myself exactly as I am’. Mirror work is not about vanity but taking time to look in the mirror and consciously choosing to say kind and loving things to yourself. We often look in the mirror and criticize ourselves for our appearance. It may seem silly to stand in front of the mirror talking to yourself but  the more you do it the easier it becomes. A lot of people find this difficult when they first do it and can even be an emotional experience. Let the feelings come up and if you find it difficult to say then just say’ I am willing to love and accept myself exactly as I am’ and then the Universe will find a way for you to get to this point.     Louise Hay1 Here are some things you can tell yourself in the mirror I love & accept you You are beautiful I support you I’m proud of you Consistency is also important as it’s difficult to see results in how we think overnight so be patient with yourself. It’s also useful to have a little mirror n your bag so whenever you get a change tell yourself how much you love yourself…try it to see if you se any shifts in your thinking and how you speak to yourself.

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